Individual therapy (sometimes called psychotherapy or counselling) involves meeting with your psychologist one-on-one - in a safe, caring, and confidential environment - to better understand your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, and to work through the concerns and problems you have identified. The purpose of individual counselling is to help you make the changes in your life and meet the goals that you have agreed on with your psychologist.


Couple's therapy (sometimes called marriage counselling) involves both you and your romantic partner meeting with a psychologist to gain insight into your romantic relationship, resolve conflict, and/or improve relationship satisfaction. Ascend Psychology offers both pre-marital and marital counselling and we works from a Gottman Couples Counselling perspective.


Family therapy (sometimes called systems counselling) involves all members of the family unit (however family is defined for you) meeting with the psychologist to address relationship dynamics, conflict, family culture/rules, and cohesiveness. Working from an experiential systems perspective guided by your psychologist, the family will explore the various factors that contribute to family dissatisfaction.


Group therapy involves a group of individuals meeting with a psychologist or group facilitator to learn and practice skills with other individuals who are experiencing similar challenges. Groups are particularly valuable because they allow the client to gain insight, support, challenges, and encouragement from co-participants. At Ascend Psychology we offer groups for several different topic areas using psychoeducation groups, cognitive-behavioural groups, and process groups (or a combination of more than one). 

Group topics may include: 

Anger Management 



Communication and Assertiveness 


Emotion Regulation

Interpersonal Effectiveness 



and others.

Current Groups:

Managing Your Mood: We are currently recruiting a Managing your Mood group for adults. This 8-week process group will provide an opportunity for adults struggling with anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, and/or life dissatisfaction to process and make sense of their experiences while gaining valuable support, encouragement, challenges, and insight from the other group members and the group facilitators. 

Contact us for more information on Managing Your Mood or any of our other groups.